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Welcome to our site! We offer Metaphysical and Spiritual Counseling, Life Coaching, Advocacy, Tutoring and other ways to Navigate Life. We use HypnosisIridology and Meditation with Other Holistic/Natural, Ancient Healing Arts and Treatments for Mind, Body and Soul. Energy Work (Ask about our DNA and Bone Energy Experience) and Alternative Spiritual Healing are our Specialty, enabling you to reach higher heights in your Health and Life. We are a Multi-race, Multi-cultural and Multi-faith organization and ministry. Our Center is located in Poughkeepsie, New York, but we travel and can come to you. We never close, on call and open every day 

Email for more information we check and answer our email on a daily basis- find out how to make your life  VIBRANT

Abundant Health: Good Herbs, Holistic Medicine, Metaphysical Counsel, Activism, Advocacy and Alchemy all available here at the Spiritual Awareness Center. We are a strong force of Spiritual Practitioners networking together to bring you Life in it's Best Sense!

Exciting New Healing Options Today! Our New Herbal Tracer Test and Awesome Organic and Wild Crafted Herbal Products can be a means to have you Target areas in your Health with Greater Accuracy. If you would like More Information about the Testing and Need to Purchase Quality Herbs Contact Rev. Tama or visit the Good Herbs Web-store at

Also New, Rev. Tama has now brought into her practice a relationship with a Florida based Alchemist who offers Plant and Ormus Alchemy products to enhance Health in a powerful way. According to Crystal's website Alchemists work in three worlds, the Spiritual, the Elemental and the Material. Her work in these areas now make available  to us a tangible way to Heal, and to Enhance Life, precisely, and corresponding to the Visible and Invisible, Matter and Spirit, Planets and Metals. Working in her physical lab she is also working on subtler levels and the Great Work is then realized at the "apex of the triangle where the Three Worlds Meet". Please contact Rev. Tama through this site or by email for more information on Products available or visit our links section and directly connect to our Alchemist Crystal, directly!


Owner and Adviser of the Spiritual Awareness Center,  the Rev. Tama Bell, B.S., B.Msc, CHt.,
 is a Metaphysical and Spiritual Counselor
and Ordained Minister, Hypnotist, Iridologist and Energy Healer
. Caring and Personal, Tama offers Real Life Healing through Counseling and other Metaphysical Treatments. Tama is from a unique and interesting Heritage and Tradition and honors her ancient ancestry within the African, Arabic and Sicilian Cultures. Her background and Family History together with her Education and Life Experience truly bring a Different and very Powerful Substance to her Healing Services and Counsel. Contact the Center for more Information. 

Rev. Tama is a member of the International Metaphysical Ministry and Proud Graduate of Marist College earning a Bachelors in Biological Sciences,  from the University of Sedona and the University of  Metaphysics obtaining a Bachelors degree in Metaphysical and Spiritual Counseling. Tama is also studying currently at the University of Sedona, in the Graduate/Doctoral program.

Our Healers and Practitioners: We have, as a part of our network, Authentic, Awesome Healers and Practitioners working to offer a variety of Healing Modalities, Psychic Readings, and Old World, Folk and Indigenous Spiritual Traditions to both Heal and Teach. We have in association with our center, Alchemists, Counselors, Psychics and Naturopaths, all at your service. You need only Call and let us know what you desire and we will match you with a Worker for your Specific Needs.


We welcome your Donation, used to help those who are not able to afford the services of the practitioners in this network. Please inquire by email of how to send your donation- Your contribution is a part of the "pay it forward" that the Spiritual Awareness Center uses to operate in the way that it does. Be sure to indicate on your check or MO that it is for donation. Thank you for your Generosity.

Below: Dr. Fredrick Franck sculpture, found in Pacem in Terris, in Warwick, New York. On the Right, drawing by  Edwin Lester, African American Artist from Philly..Read more about either artist on our links pages and in the 'things that we love'.

Services Include but are not limited to:

Spiritual and Metaphysical Counseling
Life Coaching
Metaphysical Treatments
Holistic and Natural Healing Specialties including Hypnosis, Iridology, Nutritional Consults, and Herbal Analysis through Herbal Tracer Testing
We also provide Academic Tutoring

Rev. Tama and her Network of Spiritual Healers  bring Serious Healing Energy . The Diverse Spiritual Traditions and Paths they follow bring about a Unique and Powerful  Experience, that enables you to Restore your Health, Revive your Spirit and Regain your Vibrant Life .




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