Please be sure to visit and share our Spirit "Family" links~all beneficial for the Heart, the Mind, the Soul and all that makes up our Physical Reality

1. Botanica Chango Ashe~

My Best and Most Recommended is one thing to have Experience and the Ability to Help one on a Spiritual Path and most shops if carefully researched do have that, but for the Shop you Need to obtain that Direction and those Implements You Need to Walk that Path to be Made Up of a Family With REAL Heart and Knowledge is a Blessing To Find...when you visit Botanica Chango Ashe be sure to tell them that Rev. Tama sent you!!!

2. The Rev Kathleen Dixon~

A Sister Minister, here is a bit about Rev. Kathleen who is doing amazing work:

"Enlightening Hope Through Spirit -As an accomplished spiritual adviser,  I have an innate ability to see inside one's soul. I inspect the core of your being and then give you the insight and common sense realities that you need to proceed toward a good life.  I offer you one-on-one spiritual counseling via email and beautiful Angel Blessings by Cards"

Please Visit Rev Kathleen's website:

 3. The Kabbalah Centre

A Mystical Way, a Great Site and Intriguing Study, visit The Kabbalah Centre

Kabbalah — "the world’s oldest body of spiritual wisdom — contains the long-hidden keys to the secrets of the universe as well as the keys to the mysteries of the human heart and soul. Kabbalistic teachings explain the complexities of the material and the non-material universe, as well as the physical and metaphysical nature of all humanity. Kabbalah shows in detail, how to navigate that vast terrain in order to remove every form of chaos, pain, and suffering. For thousands of years, the great kabbalistic sages have taught that every human being is born with the potential for greatness. Kabbalah is the means for activating that potential. Kabbalah has always been meant to be used, not just learned. Its purpose is to bring clarity, understanding, and freedom to our lives — and ultimately to erase even death itself.Kabbalah Centre International would love to extend the invitation for learning to everyone no matter what their situation.  For assistance we also offer scholarships available to members with a strong desire to share the light." 

4. Asif Saba

This is my brother Asif's website about the Mystical Nature of Islam. Asif's journey brought him to a closer and deeper understanding of the Holy Quran. He has created a entire CD program and has a book that he wrote as well. Asif is appreciative of the many different spiritual activities which he acknowledges expand and develop his awareness. He is also a musician. Visit his website: 


5. The University of Sedona, University of Metaphysics-an online Institute offering coursework in the Metaphysical Ministry and Transpersonal Psychology Education. It is located in Sedona, Arizona and can be contacted by visiting the website: 


6. The Universal Life  Church-and Ministry, along with the Monastery are offering Free Online Ministerial Ordinations. This alliance is important if you are wishing to become an Ordained Minister and have not taken any course work to qualify you. While course work and life experience are important when becoming Ordained, it is not absolutely necessary to be legally Ordained as a Minister. There are drawbacks to obtaining your ordination in this way and I am available to talk to discuss this with you if you are considering this but if you feel you have been called by God and have the right combination of Spirituality and are beginning a Ministry, this type of Ordination may be right for you. One of the most important things that the ULC does is it advocates for online ministry and the Ordination Rights of Online Student Ministers. Currently their political Lobby is good. Feel free to contact me about any of the information on their site and any questions you may have about beginning your Ministry in this way. Their website is 


7. Pacem In Terris-Here please find the Spiritual Oasis and Indoor-Outdoor Sculptures and Life Work of Dr. Frederick Franck of Pacem In Terris. The sacred site is located in Warwick New York which is about 1 Hour from New York City. At the Center, we always seek after places where we can rejuvenate, energize and remember our Spirit and we promise if you visit Pacem, you too will have that opportunity.


8. The Earthsinger-The Website of Joan Henry Indigenous Medicine Woman and Singer-Sis Joan is my elder and spiritual guide. She is a singer, a poet, a musician and an Artist. She reminds us of what it still means to be human, yes even if the rest of the world seems to forget that, she helps to remind us. And she teaches us gently even those things that perhaps our families or society has misrepresented to us. Her ways, and her Wise mind are essential and precious. True to her Indigenous traditions, she teaches us with story, song and art but also uses ceremony and ritual to bring us to the next level. I can advise you to go to her website and 'hear' her for yourself. When you have the chance to visit her in person, please do. If you would like to get in contact with Joan for courses, workshops, and any work you may also contact Rev Tama at this site and a message can be delivered to her. Her webiste:


9. Melody Africa with Assane Badji-West African Dance Instructor and Dance Troupe, as well as Drum Instructor and Drumming Classes. 


10. Spiritual Journeys to John of God, with Josie Raven Wing, See the Website  John of God is a medium, or vessel, of spiritual healing. Many have said that he has performed miracles of healing, but John of God always says, “I have never healed anyone – it is God who heals.” Called a “practical visionary” by well-known author and speaker Joan Borysenko, Josie RavenWing offers a grounded spirituality which appeals to people of diverse backgrounds because of its applicability to contemporary life and needs. Josie divides her time primarily between the U.S. and Brazil – where she works with John of God/Joao de Deus and has written a book, “The Book of Miracles: The Healing Work of Joao de Deus” on the miraculous experiences she and others have had at John of God’s spiritual healing center in central Brazil. 


11. The Omega Institute- Omega is the Nation's most trusted source for wellness and personal growth. I believe the campus is also the largest of its kind in the Nation, "...providing the best in workshops, conferences and retreats in Rhinebeck New York. There are other sites located around the World, but I would encourage you to take at least one course/workshop at the beautiful Rhinebeck Campus. Omega is a nonprofit organization, and truly is at the forefront of human development. From nurturing early dialogues on the intergration of modern medicine and natural healing to designing programs that connect science, spirituality and creativity, to laying the groundwork for new trations and lifestyles, Omega continues to be a place where people from all walks of life come for inspiration, restoration, and new ideas. Their mission guides them to help people find health, happiness and community while living gently on the Earth"...Omega is a seasonal campus and during the winter months the center at Rhinebeck is closed. However, their site in Costa Rica is open and before you know it, the great weather of Upstate New York happens again, and Omega reopens!

12. Turquoise Autumn Shamanic Practice and Conscious Adornment-Please be sure to visit my Spiritual Sister Toni Rubin at this site and be sure you tell her that you learned of her site from this site!! Toni is Amazing and Blessed. She has Spiritual Vision and Visions that guide her to collect for you a Power Piece, a Spiritual Piece, an Empowerment Piece that she handcrafts from special stones, with special attributes and upon interviewing you over the phone, she starts her work, journeying and communing with her Spirit Guides and Power to fashion a piece that is not only Beautiful to look at, but Spiritually Functional. And please know, if you are suffering from physical ailments, these pieces, are designed to work for you and your specific condition. One thing that I love about Toni's work, it honors the Spiritual Basis of Wellness and can bring Healing on both levels. After speaking with Toni, just for the first time, I was completely sure of her commitment to this great work. Her interview was in depth, and I can tell you she will completely take that time to know who you are, and what she can do for you in her work. You will be so happy to have contacted her.

13. Good Herbs, Inc. My Store front, where you can order Herbs:  This is the company that the Spiritual Awareness Center recommends for it's clients. Quality Herbs, either Organic or Wild Crafted. The process for the Extraction takes place at Room Temperature, there is no heat applied at any time. This is significant because Heat destroys the active properties of Herbs. Use of Cold processing is more lengthy and therefore more expensive but results are a higher quality product. Food Grade Alcohol and Quality Distilled water proven over many centuries to be effective, are used rather than toxic solvents which are detrimental to humans and the environment. The Quality of the Water used is of the Highest Grade, contaminant Free. The water is Chlorine and Sodium free. Good Herbs uses water that is cleaner, purer and more full bodied, also resulting in superior quality.  The Pure Alcohol used in the processing is derived from grain. A safe broad spectrum solvent, carrier and preservative which works well with most plants. The potency of the alcohol tinctures is thereby greater and retains potency longer than the herbal products placed in capsules. One last point in terms of the quality: Good Herbs are Non Standardized. This is more difficult to find in the market today. All the properties of an herb exist in a genetically mandated relationship to each other. Vitamins, minerals, enzymes and their co-factors exist with their naturally occurring primary, secondary, and tertiary active constituents. This synergy inherent in the plant/herb is the genetic signature of each and every botanical. Standardizing herbs concentrates one constituent at the expense of other potentially important ones changing the natural balance of the herb's components.  A whole herb is just what it says: the whole Herb as it was put here on the Earth for us to use. All the constituents of the plant are present as they have always been. Each herb has a synergistic relationship between all of its constituents. The rationalization used for standardizing herbs is that a compound thought to be the active ingredient is pulled and standardized. Further studies however and sometimes many years later find this not to be the active compound once thought, or that it is only one of several. Additionally, different companies use different markers (active properties) or different amounts of the same markers to make up their standardized products. The sum is greater than its parts, and the properties for the Herb to be most effective and safe should not be torn apart with man deciding which properties should be utilized. Only the whole herb is used at Good Herbs.

About the Company: 

The History:

Over twenty-five years ago, Andrew David Harrison discovered the high workability of herbs to return him to good health and vitality.In May 1992, David started Good Herbs, Inc. With ten years experience as President, Manager, legal counsel and financial head of another herbal extract company, David was uniquely qualified as sole owner and Chief Executive Officer of Good Herbs. David ensured that Good Herbs was always debt free and retained a bright, growing future.

Working hand-in-hand with some of the country's finest herbal practitioners, David dedicated himself and his staff to researching and developing the most vibrant high-quality herbs possible, using a no-heat, traditional method of herbal extraction and production. His goal was to always make the finest, purest herbal products available.

David found that the key to creating unsurpassed herbs was by listening to what the practitioners needed and wanted and ensuring that Good Herbs provided it.That tradition, set by David in 1992, continues today under the direction of his wife, Chris Harrison as Vice President, and his son Brett Bashawaty as the owner and Chief Executive Officer of Good Herbs. Nothing has changed about how the company operates except for its growth and its increasingly expansive product line, which currently includes over 500 different herbal products.

And so, David's journey continues today under the guidance of those he loved and trusted most.

The Quality:
What sets Good Herbs apart from other herbal extract companies?We have developed a superior, high quality product through our no-heat, traditional method of herbal production using the purest organic and wild-crafted herbs from around the world. Although time consuming, it is the most effective way to produce the finest products which get results.

The use of top-grade grain alcohol with the perfect ratio to the highest-grade, contaminant-free distilled water creates the exact environment to utilize and maintain the active properties of each herb. Too much or too little alcohol or a glycerin base does not create this ideal herbal environment and therefore does not give the optimum effectiveness of the herbs.

What is in it for Members?
Our Members benefit by getting rebates not only on their personal purchases but by qualifying for benefits from their downline purchases as well.

Good Herbs has an outstanding marketing plan for Managers by giving 10% rebates on Managers you sponsor into the company as well as a percentage for those Managers signed up another four levels down. Also, our car allowance program is very achievable for our Managers.

Are We Conscious about the Environment? YES!
Bottles -- Dark bottles are used to prevent light damage to the herb and keep it at its full potency. Glass droppers are used to prevent any possibility of plastic toxicity from plastic droppers to the product. Using glass provides the most sanitary, non-toxic and environmentally-sound method of packaging.

Oil Products with Caps -- You will note that our oil products have caps. We ship the droppers separately as the oils can disintegrate the rubber dropper.

Shipping Boxes -- Also our shipping boxes are unbleached, recyclable cardboard.

WE RECYCLE. Good Herbs participates in a full recycling system for disposable products {glass, plastic, paper, metal} used in every aspect of our operation. We feel it our duty as responsible herbal producers to recycle and do our part for our planet.

We ask that our Members also recycle their herbal bottles when done with them. Good Herbs cannot reuse them since each bottle could only contain the original product plus we would be required to institute and be licensed for an expensive additional sterilization process.

Contact Rev. Tama and the Spiritual Awareness Center for your Herbal Tracer Saliva Testing Analysis and personalized report, then pick your Herbs on Rev Tama's Good Herb Store-If you'd like more info on becoming a distributer call Rev Tama or if you need to place a Bulk Order or a larger order, you will be able to save money by calling Rev Tama at 845-849-1192 to give special discounts:

14. Healthcare is a Human Right-Non Profit Holistic Health Care Clinics currently in 3 locations: Woodstock NY, Phoenicia NY, and Kingston NY. Healthcare is a Human Right operates on a volunteer basis to provide FREE, Quality, Compassionate Healthcare. While Donations are accepted they are not necessary. Services provided are:

craniosacral therapy
energy healing techniques
energy psychology
flower essences
IET (integrated energy therapy)
swedish massage
shiatsu massage
lymphatic massage
thai massage
matrix energetics
nutritional counseling
somatic experiencing
EFT (emotional freedom technique)

and much more! Please visit our Website: for more information like clinic times, dates, and schedule. 

15. Alchemy, Plant based, Ormus and a Connection of the Three Worlds available at these 2 amazing websites run by our Sister Friend Crystal-be sure to visit this Alchemists site, and find out how she can help with your Health and Vibrant Life! and

Below is one of the photos that illustrate the story of how the Trinity Ormus Crystal was preparing actually Levitated: extremely amazing story and can be found on Crystal's website!

16. Interested in your Life's Path/Purpose? Visit this site for your reading: and please read about the creator of this reading, the amazing metaphysical Reverend Sue Annabrooke Jones' Ministry and Life Work at






Rev. Tama is a Proud Member of the International Metaphysical Ministry and Graduate of the University of Sedona, University of Metaphysics and the Universal Life Church Monastery. In addition to working as a Counselor at the Spiritual Awareness Center, Rev. Tama is currently enrolled and in good standing at the University of Sedona, studying for her Doctorate Degree. Rev. Tama also holds a secular Bachelors Degree from Marist College, in Biological Sciences and worked as a professionally trained Scientist in Westchester County for 25 years. 

University of Sedona
University of Metaphysics

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