an effort to give you an idea of the kind of work we are doing at the Center, we have created this page outlining just some of our ideas, techniques and methods we use...please feel free to email or use the contact form for more information!


Spiritual Mind Treatments-The Five Steps to Blessed Health, Centered Reality, Balance and Healing

Step 1 - Recognize/There is a Power greater than ourselves

Recognize, that there is a power 'greater than ourselves' and no matter what you call it, God or Energy, whatever you wish, know that there is in this universe, the all one, the all whole, complete and most powerful power, greater than any one individual. Spirit, Infinite Intelligence, Divine Love or Peace, it is always timeless, never changes, always there, present everywhere and is ABLE. Able to heal, to guide, to love and to comfort. We may think of the power of Courage, Faith, Pure Joy...all of these, we recognize as the center, the beginning, the all.

Step 2 - Unify/Unification-we are One with the Power of God

As we know that God is in all things, that power is present everywhere, and this very same God, power, pure Joy and healing is within ourselves too.  We must endeavor to see our own unity with God. Know we are one with God and that we share the same attributes as God, as our Higher Power.  If we think of the fact that we are made in the image of God, the likeness of many of our attributes we share with the Creator of the Universe. We can say that God and I are one, that we are intelligence Infinite, that we are deep peace, joy, unconditional love, harmony and all that God is, I am. God expresses Himself through me, in every way.  Since God is my source, I have all of His Answers and His Characteristics expressing through me. God has penetrated every single cell of my body, every situation I experience, and everything in my life is God right now.

 Step 3 - Coming to the Truth/Realization-We realize the Truth, Affirming it

So  now we recognize that there is something greater than ourselves, that the all is God, and that we are One with God, and once we have experienced this deep richness, this complete and whole goodness as a result of the recognition and declaration of unity, we come to the realization, of the Truth we have experienced. We are declaring the truth, affirming it, and knowing that it is already done.

When we are speaking these words for ourselves, we must remember that we are treating our own minds, that the entire world has been given to us, that if we do not believe it so, we will not receive it. God can only do for you what you are willing to accept. We are not asking however, but declaring it to be already there, because God is Infinite and He is already there, giving to us exactly what we want or need.

The One Truth, The God Energy, and My Life, is easily transforming to know my greater good, and my divine right, of my whole being to experience this higher and best good, for myself. I am right here, right now in perfect timing, right on time, and the Wise mind of God within me guides me every moment. Every move I made, is God designed. I feel God's perfection within me, permeating within my every cell, within my whole being. I am pure Joy, pure Harmony, pure Peace and Pure Love. God is within every situation of my life.

Step 4- Letting it Go/Release-we have seen the power, we have made it our own, it is and we are, and now we release it

Now we release what we have discovered to Spirit. We are complete, we have affirmed the truth, and the Law of the Universe must now do its work, through Us. I release this treatment, and the Law of the Universe up and out through me and forward on to the Universe. It was done before I even asked. Any doubt, fear or  confusion is now gone, and is replaced with surety, courage and clarity.  Right now, right here, it is released for my Good, I have released it and I have declared it to be so.

Step 5 - Giving Thanks/Thanksgiving-we are truly balanced and centered and experiencing Positive Light and Goodness and We thank the Creator

We have recognized the Power, we have declared our Unity with the Power,  and we have realized that God is in every situation of our lives. We release, we allow our Spirit the freedom to fly because we know that all we want, all we need is already happening for us, and so we give thanks for the outcome, we have declared it to be so, and so it is, and so we must express our gratitude for the sucessful completion of the declaration of the Truth and for our willingness to see it, believe it and surrender to it happening for us. I give thanks for the realization of this treatment, and the way it is working perfectly, according to the Spiritual Laws of the Universe, which responds to my thoughts, my words..I am now confident, now Joyous, and now Ready for the good awaiting me. I am thankful and I am giving thanks for the good which is already happening for me.   And So It Is!


How Important is it to Ask the Right Questions?

Very! We know that ALL of Life's most important situations require deep analysis and part of that necessary self scrutiny includes framing the correct questions to find key answers. This is especially so in Interpersonal Relationships.

When we take a look at relationships, we look at your history, your current relationship, with your partner, your boss, your family and friends. This helps us to develop the questions we will use to outline the counseling that we will develop for your specific situation or concern.

Rev. Tama uses tried and true framework questions to help clients begin to see clearly their current life path, and enable those who need to make changes in their relationships to do so. Relationship counseling is best accomplished in the context of Spirituality, and at the Center we do NOT promote a kind of list of pro's and con's to determine if our current relationship is healthy and worthy to hold onto. Rather, here at the Awareness Center we use a

Diagnostic Question System*

that helps the client to evaluate on many levels, the relationship they are in.

Meditation for Enlightenment or Stress Relief

When we 'set an intention' for meditation, we decide what it is we want to achieve, whether it is a closer spiritual walk with God, or an answer from God or the God Energy or Spirit within you. We may also be suffering from the stress from everyday life, and meditation works to help you relax, clear your mind, slow your thought process, encourage your focus. Meditation is an important part of Healing Work and the Center offers both Individual Instruction and Sessions, or Group Sessions. Call for more information.

Ancient Modalities for Health and Healing

Customizing a program of Health and Healing is important. If your heart does not resonate with a modality that is being used to treat either your physical Health or your Emotional or Spiritual Health, the system will not work. Faith, Trust and Hope are three of the Most Fundamental Qualities we must have to Heal and to remain Healthy. Do not worry if you are feeling frail or weak and unsure. Here at the Center, we use different Methods for your individual need and we pay attention to your progress. If you'd like to try something you have never tried, please let us know. We will do our best to help you Heal. Our Focus is your Health and we bring Ancient, Tried and True Modalities that have Great Restorative Power. Want to try something we don't offer at the Center? We can look into it together. Just give us a call and let's see if we can Give You What You Need to Heal.

We have used the following methods for Healing: Hypnosis, Meditation and Counsel along with: Crystal Therapy, Amulets, Talismans, and Spirit African Medicine Bags. Chakra System work, alignments, clearings. We have affiliated with our Center a Peruvian Sister who performs Healing Ceremonies through Santeria and along with Rev. Tama a specialized plan for healing, protection and well-being can be established. These methods can then be performed in the Center or in Your Home. We also do different types of Card Readings, Intuitive Readings, Photograph Readings and perform other types of Healing Methods that we can discuss with you and depending on what we find to be the best for you we will make a suggestion for your treatment. 

Belly Dance, African Dance and Other Dance and Music Therapies

Art is a avenue for healing, as we know and the Art of Dance and Music is one of the ways Rev. Tama and the Center use movement and sound in the pursuit of Health and Healing. Rev. Tama performs Belly Dance (Middle Eastern, Oriental Raqs Sharqi), African Dance (West African). We also provide drumming for ceremonies. We are linked with a group of West African Drummers from Guinea and have Rastafari Reggae Musicians for other events and classes, just call and we can arrange for your event to be a blessing of Heart, Mind and Spirit. 

Healing Network, Health Network

In addition to having the Rev. Tama Bell, who is a Certified Metaphysical Counselor and Ordained Minister, Energy Worker,  Hypnotist and Iridologist, the Center has affiliate members who assist Rev. Tama in performing certain techniques and methodologies from Folk Traditions practiced for Generations. Our Readers, Practitioners, Artist-Performers, and Store Owners are all Family of Rev. Tama's and are ready to work with Tama as a part of her Healing and Health Network customized for You. 

Rastafari Ital Food Plans-Advocacy-Rastafari Ceremonies

Rev. Tama and Family are Rastafari Counselors, Advocates, and can Teach and Apply Rastafari Teachings for Families interested in certain aspects of Afrocentric Study and in the development of plans for Ital livity. Rev. Tama, being Fulfilled, is Ordained and able to perform all Rastafari Ceremonies including Weddings, in the United States.


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