We Offer:

Spiritual and Metaphysical Counseling
Our counseling is based on Metaphysical Principles and focuses on Spiritual Mind Techniques, Healing Techniques, and other Methods that bring about Healing, Love, Self Confidence and Clarity. Interactive Talk therapy. Role Playing, and more. We provide you with a Personalized Healing Plan, so be sure to contact us, with your needs and let us help put you back on track with Life!

Life Coaching
A Life Coach helps to create goals that we need to have a fulfilling life. With this special encouragement and personalized plan for success, your life will become less complicated, less stressful and more productive.

The Advocacy service helps ones who need to navigate the various systems of government and available help. Often times, we need help but aren't sure how to get it. Sometimes, we may know where to go for help, but are not yet capable of advocating for ourselves. Our advocacy service helps you to find out what is available, how to obtain those services (we will fight for you too, if you are entitled we will know and we won't stop working until you receive the help you are supposed to receive). We show you how to utilize those  agencies that offer help in the following areas:

Financial/Social Services Employment, Housing, Mental Health, Disabilities,  Energy (HEAP) Programs, Empowerment, Groups, Legal Advocacy,  State Agencies, Child Advocacy Education/CSE Special Education, Medical Advocacy and assistance in finding those Grassroots Non Profit Organizations designed to provide assistance.

Metaphysical Treatments -treatments for healing including Prayer, Meditation, Affirmations, Spiritual Mind Treatments, Energy Healing and other techniques designed to balance, center and heal.

Hypnosis, Iridology, and Energy Work -We also offer a kind of Shamanic Hypnosis, Iridology Services and other Special DNA and Energy Level Work on Blockages and Clearings. Please Email or use the contact form if interested in any of these modalities performed by Rev. Tama.

Holistic and Natural Healing Specialties-Various methods and practices that help ones to de-stress, to empower and heal naturally. Our process focuses on Healing, Emotionally, Physically, and Spiritually, which is the essential basis for Health. Some of the modalities available are: Iridology Analysis, Hypnosis and Energy Healing. Our network is growing and we have other practitioners associated with our practice, available to you.

Meditation-for de-stressing, for spiritual enlightenment and preparation for other areas of metaphysics and spirituality. We will create groups for meditation, have private 'one on one' guided meditation and guided imagery sessions at our Center.

House Cleansings and Other Metaphysical/Spiritual Ceremonies-Spiritual Blessings, Baby Dedications, Weddings, Celebrations of Life and End of Life ceremonies. Walk Back Ceremonies. Parties, Graduations and other special gatherings where a Spiritual and Mystic Ceremony is needed. We also provide Special Counseling for persons experiencing the transition from life, providing support to the transitioning individual and to their families and friends.

Groups -Support Groups (call for information on current groups) and Group Rates for counseling are available. We have groups on Domestic Violence, Mental Health, Children and Health, Emotional and Physical Wellbeing, and are always interested in creating new groups, so make sure you contact us for the endless possibilities!

Special  Prayer Treatments and Affirmations Sessions-Available methods and procedures designed to Heal Emotions, and Strengthen Character Annointings, Laying on of Hands and Affirmational Prayer and Chants.

Ancient Healing Arts-Dance (African, Middle Eastern), Drumming, and other important Ancient Arts from Latin America , the West Indies, and Africa. African Spirituality, Arabic Spirituality, Folk Healing, Ancient Spiritual Arts are employed at the Center. We also can provide Healing Modalities like Touch, Tapping, Crystal Healings and more...just let us know how you would like us to assist you in regaining Health and Wholeness.

Sunday Services-Come Worship with Us! We meet each week, to discuss needs of our Group. We Pray to God, and we Praise the Creator of the Universe in a non-denominational way.  All Spiritual Paths are recognized, honored, respected and welcome.

 How to Pay for Services: We offer a whole variety of ways to Pay for Services.  We allow partial payments, and will help in any way that we can to be sure you can utilize our many services. Contact us if you are interested in any of our programs and counseling and do not let finances stop you from benefiting from our help. 

Fee Schedule


The regular Fees for our services are as follows: Counseling 120.00 per Hour, Advocacy and Mediation 50.00, Metaphysical Treatments including Spiritual Mind Treatments, and Energy Healing 50-75.00 (depending on the Modality). Hypnosis sessions are generally 100 dollars.  An Iridology Analysis consult is 25.00 and a Nutritional Analysis is also 25. Amulets/Talismans 75.00, Sacred Ceremonies 100.00, Academic Tutoring (Children) 25.00 per Hour, University Tutoring 50.00 per Hour, Intuitive Readings, Card Readings, Photo Readings and Dream Analysis all 25.00, Belly Dance Entertainment 250.00 per Event 

Remember We Do Have Flexible Payment Arrangements Available, and We Also Honor and Will Also Accept Fees on a sliding fee scale if needed. Also, there are cases where we accept certain Bartering Terms, depending on the Talent, Skill or Product that you may have to Barter...All we ask is that you give us a call and lets see what we can Work Out!!

Today many people are struggling financially and we recognize this situation. Perhaps becoming a Distributor of Quality Herbs can help. Contact us for more Information!

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