Rev.Tama Bell, Owner and Metaphysical Counselor and Healing Practitioner and Network Provider-Comments and Testimonials/References

Greetings of Love to my Clients, Network Healers and Visitors! As you can see the Website is building as is the Center Office and Services Offered. We are pleased to announce the addition of another Spiritual Healer and Psychic Minister and Life Coach to our Center, and we are in the midst of connecting his website (finishing it) and linking it here. Right now, any services you need, whether they be Counseling, Hypnosis, Advocacy, Tutoring, Indigenous Works, Healings please contact us right here on the Website or by email and we will link you with some of the Most Awesome Spirit Workers you will have ever met! I am proud to say that these workers who were in our community midst, not sharing all of their talents to the Internet World are now willing to come forward and as they work through our Network, they will be open to sharing Love and Light through their work to the Local Community and the Community via the Internet! We have had Visitors from Other Countries for Remote Healings, and People from Other States come to visit! We hope YOU will consider what way we can help you!

Below are Some Comments from Ones who have used our Services:

From Kimberly, Dutchess County New York: "For as long as I can remember I have been on the shy side, I have somewhat of an anxiety to talk to people in person or even by phone. This affects all aspects of my life but it especially concerned me when it started to affect my business. As a business owner I need to be able to keep in contact with current and perspective clients. I was having a really hard time doing this, sometimes totally refusing to call people back or doing my best to find another way around it (email or text).

Not knowing where to turn, I started looking toward spiritual help. I read about Hypnosis and Past Life Regressions, and many other possible areas that could be of help in my situation. While searching the internet I cam across The Spiritual Awareness Center website. I sent an email (since I don't like the phone), asking if they utilized hypnosis, and gave a short story on my problem. Within a few hours Rev. Tama Bell responded, I felt very comfortable with her as she suggested a hypnotism session, and even worked out a barter arrangement since my finances were minimal, partially due to my problem of not calling back clients.

After my hypnosis session, I can't say I felt a dramatic change right away, it was gradual but there was change. It has now been roughly 2 weeks and I am able to return calls, and even initiate calls without the long drawn out argument I usually had with myself every time I needed to do so. Rev. Tama is a wonderful person who sincerely cares for her clients and will go above and beyond to help them. I plan on utilizing her services in the future and will recommend her to everyone I think could benefit. "

From Yolanda, Orange County, New York: "Bendicion Tama, quiero agradecerte por la secion que tuvimos ayer, hacido increible el cambio que yo he tenido desde ayer. Estoy mas relajada mas tranquila, Y ahora mi vida tiene un nuevo sentido. Creo que con tu ayuda yo podre ayudar a muchas persona en el futuro."

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